Performance Tested Products...Achieve the Ultimate Finish

Cougar Chemical has specifically hand picked our PTP product line to meet the demands of automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike. This entire car detailing product line was developed from the ground up with the goal of bringing professional quality products in a package and price that any detailing enthusiast can afford to add to their garage collection. Made in the USA!!! All these products are proudly packaged and distributed in America at Cougar Chemical's Memphis, TN location. Key factors that played a role in the development of Cougar's PTP product line where: Performance, Protection, Ease of Use, Time Savings, and a Complete Car Care Solution. The Performance Tested Product line features the best and most advanced waxes, shampoos, cleaners, and dressings in the industry. These products will meet any vehicle make, model, style and paint job requirements to achieve a beautifully finished vehicle and help you continue to maintain and protect your vehicle's finish and interior for the duration of it's life. If you want to use professional quality detailing products that will give your car the ultimate finish and protection...add PTP to your detailing shelf and achieve the ultimate finish!


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