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Cougar Chemical Nashville supports businesses, contractors and detailing professionals with top of line cleaning chemicals, automotive detailing supplies, cleaning equipment, dispensing systems and certified service on cleaning equipment. Our staff is trained to make sure that we can accommodate your facility to meet whatever cleaning needs you may have while we help you stay within any safety or regulatory requirements and help you protect the environment along the way.

Car Wash Chemicals & Auto Detailing Supplies

Do you have a detail bay, automatic car wash, or do mobile detailing here in Nashville? We've got you covered with the best car wash chemicals and detailing products the industry has to offer. We also manufacture a wide variety of our own chemicals designed specifically for your industry. We stock car wash soaps, waxes, degreasers, cleaners, shampoos, fragrances, odor eliminators and dressings. In addition to our own Cougar Chemical products we also stock other manufacturer's such as Ardex, Meguiar's Professional, PRO Wax, ECP Technician's Choice, Sprayway, CarBrite by Valvoline, OPT (Optimum Polymer Technology), SM Arnold, Tornador, Lake Country, FLEX, Metrovac and more. We also stock floor mats, brushes, bottles, sprayers and all the needed detailing accessories to keep your business up and running. You won’t find a more comprehensive inventory of commercial cleaning equipment and car detailing supplies anywhere else in Nashville.

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

Do you need cleaning chemical for your facility and not sure which product is best for your application? Our staff will be able to help you determine the right cleaning chemicals along with the quantities and dilutions needed to achieve the cleaning results you desire. We offer the best solvents, floor cleaners, degreasers, and cleaning chemicals Nashville has to offer available in quantities of 1 gallon up to 275 gallons and more if needed. All these products can quickly be delivered to your location ensuring your always ready for whatever your cleaning process may be. Our skillful staff will be more than happy to help you with attaining any SDS sheets, FDA requirements, or chemical safety requirements your facility may have.

Pressure Washer Sales, Rentals, & Repair in Nashville, TN

Do you want to buy pressure washing equipment in Nashville? We offer the largest selection of commercial equipment in town! Our selection includes cold water, hot water, electric and gas powered machines. We carry units for all applications...residential, commercial and industrial. We sell Landa, Karcher and PressurePro and can custom build pressure washers for industrial applications. You can take the guesswork out of selecting the right machine for your application and let one of our trained staff help you ensure your selection fits your needs. Need to go mobile? We have been building custom pressure washing trailers and cleaning rigs for over 45 years! We can outfit your truck or van with a mounted pressure washer and tank or set you up with a trailer with all the equipment you need. It will be a turn key package ready to get you washing! We can also install a custom built wash pad at your facility. A trained rep will help you select everything from the required size to the required equipment, housings, storage, and even accessories. We will help you tailor it to match your fleet or facilities exact needs, regulatory requirements and safety requirements from all, chemical and environmental. And if you ever need pressure washer repair in Nashville, we can help you with that too.

Floor Equipment Sales & Rental

Our large selection of floor equipment will meet any facility need here in Nashville. We offer both floor sweepers and floor scrubbers. We also have auto floor sweeper/scrubber combo units that do both simultaneously. We stock smaller commercial grade units that are great for small shops, break rooms, or retail areas and also stock large industrial machines that can clean the biggest warehouses and manufacturing plants in town. Our trained staff can help you choose the perfect machine to fit your flooring, layout, and cleaning needs.

Local Inside or Outside Equipment Repair

We repair cleaning equipment in Nashville, TN. If you bought it from us we can fix it. No third parties, no hassles, no drawn out warranty claims. Our technicians are certified to work on what we sell and we make sure our customers receive the best service the industry has to offer. We can also fix most makes and types of cleaning equipment. Some of the equipment our technicians repair in Nashville are pressure washers, floor machines, vacuum systems, automatic car washes, wash pad equipment and dispensers, detail bay equipment and dispensers, cleaning equipment small engines, parts washers, space heaters, evaporation cooling fans and more. Some of the brands we fix in Nashville are Landa, Hotsy, Shark, Karcher, PressurePro, Aaladin, Whitco, MiTM, Northstar, Tennant, FactoryCat, Powerboss, Minuteman, PioneerEclipse, Clark, Nilfisk Advance, Champion, Mytee, Val 6, General Pump, CAT Pump, AR Pump and more.

Free Local Chemical & Detail Supply Delivery

Does your business need to be continually re-stocked with your cleaning products? We offer local chemical and detail supply delivery in Nashville, TN straight from our business to yours. We can set you up on a schedule with one of our local route trucks or any order over $100.00 qualifies for free local delivery. We have the equipment and staff necessary to deliver cleaning chemicals anywhere from just a few gallons to thousands anywhere in Nashville!



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