Vehicle Mounted Cleaning Systems

Vehicle Mounted Cleaning Systems

Truck-Mounted Pressure Washers

Sometimes, large messes require large cleanup solutions. That’s where Cougar Chemical’s truck-mounted pressure washers come in handy!

Pressure washers permanently mounted on or in trucks, vans, or box trucks can be a great way to bring big cleaning power to any job site. These truck-mounted pressure washers are custom built to fit your needs, your vehicle and your budget. Let us know what type of vehicle you have, and we’ll get to work on building a rig that will satisfy your cleaning needs.

Building a truck-mounted pressure washer system can be an attractive alternative to trailers. Wash rigs mounted to a transit van or box truck are perfect for a variety of applications! From cleaning parking lots and performing building maintenance to a variety of agricultural projects, we want to ensure you achieve your cleaning goals.

To help us get started on your truck-mounted pressure washer, contact us today to discuss your cleanup needs. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our custom pressure-washing rigs!



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