Optima Steamers

Optima Steamers

Harness the cleaning power of steam with Optima Steamers. Now available at Cougar Chemical.

These Optima steamers aren’t solely for auto detailing; they have a variety of applications. With an Optima steam machine, you can sanitize places that have a higher need for serious cleanliness! The Optima SE-II is ideal for eliminating bacteria from food and beverage production facilities, while the XE easily sanitizes daycare centers and nursing homes. If you are cleaning and sanitizing a car of any kind, pick up the Optima XD.

The cleaning possibilities are truly endless with an Optima steam cleaner on your side. These machines combine high sanitizing power with premium portability, so you can easily transport it to any cleaning project.

Nothing cleans and sanitizes like an Optima steamer. Come by our shop in Memphis or Nashville and explore the possibilities. Meanwhile, if you’re shopping online and have any questions or comments, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.



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