Skid Mounted Units

Skid Mounted Units

Skid-Mounted Pressure Washers

Skid-mounted pressure washers offer the flexibility of using them part or full time. When you don't want to dedicate a vehicle full time to washing duties, skid-mounted pressure washers are perfect choices. Pressure washer skids are easier to store and maneuver than trailers and when the washing is done, the skid can be lifted out of the vehicle. These pressure washer machines are over-built in Memphis, TN, and will last forever. The all steel construction of our steel pressure washers uses no wood that will rot out and we only use industrial grade pressure washers from Landa. These skids can fit in SUV's, Trucks and vans. The 200-gallon skid-mounted pressure washer with tank is for all day washing with full sized trucks and Vans. Choose the 100-gallon skid for compact trucks, SUV's and mini vans. Shop for the best professional pressure washers here at Cougar Chemical.



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