PTP Memphis Wash & Wax Quart

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Memphis Wash & Wax...Water Beading Action With a High Gloss Finish

Cougar Chemical's Memphis Wash & Wax is a specially formulated high concentrated car wash soap offering excellent water repelling properties and leaving your vehicle with a high sheen finish. When washing your vehicle with Memphis Wash and Wax, there is no more need for waxing your vehicle after you wash. This car wash soap has been formulated to save you time and energy with your weekly vehicle maintenance which is why we've added Memphis to our PTP product line. When combined with a vehicle finished with PTP Maintainer Wax or Sealant during the maintenance cycle of your vehicle's finish, Memphis Wash & Wax achieves quick and effortless results while gently and safely scrubbing away dirt and surface contaminants from your vehicle's paint without removing any of your finish. It's high concentration formula yields high suds in a wash bucket and can be combined with a foam cannon for applications where thick foam is desired. A high sheeting action is easily seen after washing any car with PTP Memphis Wash & Wax. Add some performance to your detail shelf for next time your wash...use PTP Memphis Wash and Wax!!
Directions for Use:
Dilute 1 ounce of Memphis Wash & Wax per gallon of water.
- Add 5 ounces of Memphis Wash & Wax in your 5 gallon wash bucket.
- Add 5 gallons of water in wash bucket.
- Soak a sponge or microfiber wash mitt with Memphis Wash & Wax car wash shampoo.
- Gently wash away soils and contaminants on vehicle’s finish.

- Rinse sponge or microfiber wash mitt and repeat.

Note: Never wash your vehicle without a grit guard in your bucket. To make sure you keep your paint extra safe from any scratches the two bucket method is commonly practiced.



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