Household Odor Eliminators & Fragrances

Air Sanitizer Sprays

Air sanitizer sprays from Cougar Chemicals can maintain the quality of the air you breathe no matter where you are. By removing bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air, they create a safer and healthier environment for all.

The Odor Assassin will battle against odors and leave a satisfying scent in its place. If you’re stuck in a musty office space all day or work in a garage after a gas spill, the Rid-It Deodorizing Kit will permanently eliminate these awful odors. Try another odor eliminator called the Odor-Knox to neutralize the stenches for a fresher environment. You can apply this product anywhere you sense unsatisfactory scents, from cars to homes to warehouses.

Every environment should smell fresh, clean, and pleasant. Try one of Cougar Chemical’s air sanitizer sprays today to reap the benefits for yourself!



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