Automotive Interior Cleaners & Dressings

Auto Interior Cleaners

Your car’s interior can become a mess, just like any room in your house. Although it may feel inconvenient to clean up your vehicle, the process becomes simpler with Cougar Chemical’s auto interior cleaners.

The interior of a vehicle can get extremely dirty before you even realize it. That’s why Cougar Chemical offers various car interior cleaning products for light cleanings or heavy-duty projects. Oil and grease stains will come up easily with the Xtract Power cleanser, while the Optimum Power Clean is a must-have multipurpose product to refresh every surface of the vehicle.

Don’t forget about the car interior dressings, too. They will add a nice shine or new finish to the interior to make it feel fresh and new. You’ll love the Cougar Hi-Shine or Cougar Velour and Fabric Cleaner. All our auto interior cleaners are tested, and each is proven to get the job done.




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