Here at Cougar, we offer a broad selection of Interior Cleaners and Dressings. The interior of a vehicle can get extremely dirty before you even realize it. The products that we offer will clean it up like it was brand new again. We have taken time to test all of our products and there is not a single one that can't get the job done. The cleaner or dressing to use would depend on the job that you are trying to tackle. Heavy duty jobs require our Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner, Tec392, or our Xtract Power. For some of the lighter jobs, we would suggest Cougar Velour and Fabric Cleaner, Cougar Citrus Cleaner, or Sprayway Vinyl & Leather Cleaner. After you use one of our cleaners, slide on over to the dressings and put a nice shine or new finish on the interior. We offer products such as our very own in-house brand Cougar Hi-Shine, Dress All, and Instant Detail Spray. Some of the other brands include, Car Brite, Pro, and Ardex. Dressings to help put the cherry on top. Here are a few scenarios you may run into...


Dirt Stains/Heavy Stains- Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner

Oil and/or Grease Stains- Xtract Power

Touch Ups- Cougar Velour and Fabric Cleaner

Nice Shiny Finish- Cougar Hi-Shine

New Look Finish- Dress All




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