Val 6

Val 6 Infrared Heaters...The most efficient and low emissions heaters in the industry.

Cougar Chemical offers Val 6 radiant heaters for all your mobile heating needs. Val 6 radiant heaters are the most efficient and cost effective portable heaters in the heating industry. Because of the technology offered from Val 6 heaters, they can run using less than a gallon of fuel per hour while offering more BTU's of heat than any other type of heating equipment in the industry. Val 6 infrared heaters can also efficiently burn diesel fuel. All other types of mobile heaters that use diesel fuel expel very high levels of carbon monoxide making them unsafe for use in warehouses or facilities without having sufficient ventilation. Val 6 Infrareds Save You MoneyThe ventilation required to run those types of heaters causes large amounts of heat loss. Due to the efficient burning system that Val 6 machines have, they run extremely clean. This means that they require very little ventilation and can be used in warehouses, gyms, shops, and any other type of facility while being safe for both employees and the environment. Need heat for the colder months. Look no further, Cougar Chemical offers the full selection of Val 6 infrared heaters at a price that can't be beat. Want to experience the power of the sun? Call Cougar Chemical and one of our sales staff would be more than happy to setup a demo for you or your facility.


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