PTP Finisher Wax Pint

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Finisher Wax...Deep Gloss Carnauba Shine!

Cougar Chemical Finisher Wax offers your automotive paint a deep wet gloss with carnauba protection. Finisher Wax has been specially formulated to be an easy on and easy off product allowing you to achieve the quickest and best looking wax finish available for your car. Unlike most waxes designed to be easy on and off, Finisher Wax can be allowed to dry and haze before removing ensuring that the wax has bonded well to your automotive paint. Finisher Wax can also be applied in direct sunlight and high humidity conditions making this the quickest and most effective liquefied paste wax available. Finally there is a natural finishing wax that makes waxing your car fun again, PTP Finisher Wax!
Directions for Use:
Hand Application:

Work one panel at a time.
Load microfiber applicator and apply finisher wax evenly to surface.
Let finisher wax come to a haze and bond to paint.
Gently wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.

Machine Application:

Load pad with Finisher Wax. (Use small amount.)
Using light pressure and slow speed, spread evenly over one panel at a time.
Let come to a haze.
Using microfiber bonnet/pad use light pressure and slow speed to remove off.



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