PTP Leather Conditioner Pint

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Leather Conditioner...Performance Protection!

Cougar Chemical Leather Conditioner is a rich and thick leather conditioning formula designed to ensure your leather interior is completely protected from drying and cracking throughout it's lifetime. Leather Conditioner extends leather life by gently conditioning and moisturizing it with it's thick cream formula while cleaning and enhancing it's appearance. Our Leather Conditioner formula is designed to be easily applied and wiped away from your interior leather making it effortless and quick to condition your vehicle's interior. Cougar PTP Leather Conditioner also offers a new car leather fragrance that will enhance your newly conditioned interiors appearance and give you that off the showroom feeling once again!
Directions for Use:
Shake product well before using.

Test product on a small area of leather to ensure leather is colorfast.

Apply leather conditioner using an applicator or sponge.

Remove any excess with a clean dry towel.



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