Stationary Cold Water Units

Stationary Cold Water Pressure Washers

For a powerful solution to your deep cleaning needs, check out the stationary cold water pressure washers available at Cougar Chemical. These unique LANDA pressure washers combine convenient setups with high-quality components, all in an easy-to-use package.

The LANDA SEA cold water stationary pressure washing system uses a high-pressure pump, connected to a wand that allows you to adjust pressure according to your cleaning needs. Its many safety features, like time-delay shutdown and circuit interrupters, allow it to pass stringent safety protocols.

The LANDA ZEF stationary cold water unit boasts an industrial-strength motor, ideal for cleaning heavy-duty equipment and any work areas. Its design is flexible and easy to use for cleanup in any industrial environment!

Should you have any questions about our stationary cold water pressure washers, please feel free to contact us today via phone or online submission form. We’re happy to help!



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