PTP Engine Cleaner

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Engine Cleaner...Quickly Clean Your Engine!

Cougar Chemical Engine Cleaner is designed to quickly remove grease, oil and dirt from your vehicle's engine bay, wheel wells and door jams. Engine Cleaner is specifically formulated for cutting the grease and grime build up that your engine bay is constantly exposed too and makes light work of what is normally a tough to clean area of your vehicle. Cougar's PTP Engine Cleaner is paint safe and won't harm plastics, trim, or rubber hoses in your engine compartment. Next time you tackle detailing your vehicle's engine bay, use PTP Engine Cleaner for quick and effective results!

Directions for Use:
This product is ready to use. Don't add water.

Shake well before using.

Spray directly on surface needing to be cleaned.

Gently wipe off with wet cotton detailing towel or rag or rinse off with water.

Repeat as necessary on stubborn buildup.



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