Specialty Cleaners, Degreasers & Removers
Cougar carries a complete line of specialty cleaners and degreasers that can solve any problem.  Using the right degreaser can clean a very wide range of surfaces of many soils.  Our Cougar #152 can be diluted to suite a wide range of uses.  At 4:1, it can be used as a tough engine, tire and wheel cleaner.  At 10:1, it's perfect for bugs, behind fuel doors, door jams and wheel wells.  At 30:1, it will remove the harshest of soils from carpet and upholstery.  Our specialty cleaners have you covered if you need to remove bumper stickers, road paint or hot tar.  Inside or outside of your auto, if you have something stuck that you just can't move, Cougar has what you need to achieve the results you demand.



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