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Rubber Care Products

Rubber surfaces are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions or substances, such as strong sunlight, heat, and chemicals. Each of these circumstances are likely to cause these surfaces to crack, fade, and deteriorate more quickly. Luckily for you, Cougar Chemical has rubber care products that will penetrate and nourish the rubber material.

Try the Cougar Hi-Shine for gleaming rubber surfaces. Faded plastics are repairable with the Cougar Black Fusion, which transforms plastic, rubber, and vinyl back to a vibrant shade of black. If you need something versatile, apply vinyl car care products, like the Cougar Dress All, to make your dash, trim, and door panels look brand new. No matter what you need, Cougar Chemical’s rubber care products are here to resolve a variety of imperfections and extend the items’ lifespans.



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