Cleaners for plastic, rubber, and vinyl products are some of our best sellers. We offer some of the best products for your plastic, rubber, and vinyl needs. Do you have plastics or trim that are faded? Try our Cougar Black Fusion, it turns your plastics, rubber, and vinyl trim back to black. Need it to shine? We got it, our Cougar Hi Shine, which is a water based product that will not attract any dust or dirt. It is one of Cougar's signature products. Not only does it make your material shine, Hi Shine also has a pleasant cherry smell. If you're the type that doesn't like a shine on your plastics, we got something just for you too. Try our Cougar Dress All. Perfect for making your dash, trim, and door panels look brand new. We offer all brand name products, used by all of the professionals. For any questions on these products, don't hesitate to call one of our professionally trained sales associates.



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