Car Wash & Shampoos

Car Wash & Shampoos

Car Wash Shampoos & Soaps

Premium car wash shampoos and soaps have to have certain qualities. They contain detergents that help lift soils from the paint. They contain lubricants so that contaminates are less likely to harm the paint as you scrub. The car wash shampoo must be close to Ph neutral as to not harm the paint or the user. Every premium auto shampoo Cougar offers meets these criteria at a very minimum. Each of our shampoos are tweaked for a different effect. Mighty Suds is a super thick formula that suds like mad and rinses clean. Cougar Wash & Wax add color brighteners to boost shine and protection. Our newest formula, Green Sheen adds a rinse aid that encourages the water to sheet off the paint, reducing water spots. Also be sure to check out our offerings from our vendors that offer some of the best performing car wash shampoo in the industry.

With Cougar Chemical you have a large variety of the best car washes and soaps to choose from. When it comes to detailing your car we have it all. We offer wax free auto soaps and shampoos, wax enhancing car wash, rinse free car washes and even water less car washing products. If you are a consumer you can choose from small pint and quart sized products. If you have a more commercial need then 5 gallon and even 30 and 55 gallon products are available to help you get the best ROI while washing your vehicles. Choose from PRO, Cougar, PTP, Ardex, Meguiars and more of the top detailing brands out there. Cougar Chemical is your go to store for any car washing product! Our car wash shampoos must pass stringent characteristics to make our offerings. Shampoos must have high lubricity to reduce swirls and scratches. They must have effective detergents to lift stains. They must have a neutral Ph to eliminate damage to the paint or the users. We require that all shampoos retain foam with plenty of time to complete a full car wash.


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