Kodiak Floor Cleaning Equipment

Kodiak Floor Cleaning Equipment

Kodiak Floor Scrubbers

Many businesses get stuck with used, reconditioned or cheap floor scrubber machines that break and lack local support. Kodiak Cleaning Equipment specializes in durable equipment that will last for years to come. If you are tired of constantly repurchasing these machines, you have found the perfect solution. Cougar Chemical supplies durable Kodiak floor scrubbers that will provide years of excellent results.

There’s nothing cheap nor inadequate about Kodiak’s operations. The products are constructed in America, so there’s always a Kodiak representative ready to offer replacement parts and technical support. That’s why Cougar Chemical is proud to supply Kodiak floor scrubbers to businesses like yours. One of these floor scrubber machine models is sure to suit your business’s cleaning requirements without depleting the company’s budget.



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