Floor Cleaning Equipment Repair & Maintenance

At Cougar Chemical, we offer cleaning equipment repairs and preventative maintenance. Our certified technicians can fix your equipment at your location or can repair it in our shop. This ensures that not only do our customers have the equipment they need, but they have the support to ensure it continues to satisfy their cleaning process.

At Cougar Chemical, our certified technicians have the skills and expertise required to fix and maintain your cleaning equipment, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Whether your business is an auto dealership, an entrepreneurial venture, or an industrial complex, we can help. Our services cater to various industries and customers in need of cleaning equipment repair.

Our track record speaks for itself. Since 1970, we’ve been helping businesses maintain their cleaning equipment in top-notch condition. Our technicians offer comprehensive cleaning equipment services in the Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, and Little Rock, AR, metro areas.

On-Site and In-Shop Repair and Maintenance Services

Has your cleaning equipment suddenly broken down? Don't worry. We can repair your equipment either at your location or in our professionally equipped shop, providing total convenience and peace of mind. Our goal is to ensure your cleaning processes run smoothly and without interruptions.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Routine maintenance is crucial to keep your cleaning equipment functioning at its best. At Cougar Chemical, we offer scheduled preventative maintenance contracts specifically tailored for pressure washers and floor cleaning equipment. This not only ensures the optimal operation of your equipment but also helps prevent costly breakdowns and downtime.

Comprehensive Range of Cleaning Equipment Repair Services

Our talented technicians are proficient in handling a wide variety of cleaning equipment, from pressure washers to vacuums. Some of our many services include:

  • Floor scrubber repair
  • Floor sweeper repair
  • Carpet extractor repair (mobile and truck mounted)
  • Buffer and burnisher repair
  • Foamer, generator, and vacuum repair

Utilizing their extensive know-how and experience, our technicians tackle issues with all types of cleaning equipment, making Cougar Chemical your go-to partner for all things repair and maintenance.

Cougar Chemical offers scheduled preventative maintenance contracts for pressure washers and floor cleaning equipment.

We have the technicians and skills required to repair pressure washers, floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, carpet extractors mobile and truck mounted, buffers, burnishers, foamers, generators, and vacuums. We've been helping businesses get their cleaning equipment back in running order since 1970 and look forward to helping you. Whether you need carpet cleaning machine repair or need to get your floor cleaning equipment functioning again, we can get the job done.

Our technicians currently offer cleaning equipment repair services in the Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN and Little Rock, AR metro areas.

Give your cleaning equipment the expert care it deserves with Cougar Chemical. Our professional repair and maintenance services ensure your facility remains clean, presentable, and fully operational at all times.

Don't let your cleaning equipment issues slow you down. Reach out to Cougar Chemical today for unparalleled repair and maintenance services. Below are the areas that we currently offer service calls. You can call us at 1-866-919-0159 to schedule your service call or fill out our CONTACT FORM.

Memphis, TN and Surrounding Areas
Nashville, TN and Surrounding Areas
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