Wash Pad or Rack Construction & Installation

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What do you get with Cougar Chemical?

Are you interested in incorporating a washing area into your facility for cleaning your equipment or vehicles? Cougar Chemical’s equipment wash pad construction services can help you identify the right wash pad or rack to accommodate your cleaning needs.

Our wash pad design process aims to identify your cleaning needs and create the ideal pad or rack to help you remove grime easily and efficiently. Need to remove heavy solids from your equipment in a pinch? Our experts will work with you to design a concrete wash pad thick enough to handle your heaviest equipment.

Innovative sloped wash pad installations aid in easy water runoff. They also remove heavy solids to dry out in a separate area. We also incorporate an innovative collection pit into our equipment wash pads to safely remove smaller solids and skim off oil residue. Each design includes storage areas for all the equipment you need.

All our wash pads and wash racks prioritize safety with the installation of guard rails and the careful calculation of weight limits. Work with Cougar Chemical’s experts to design the perfect wash pad or rack for your facility’s needs. Whether you’re pressure washing, steam cleaning, or performing maintenance on heavy equipment, Cougar Chemical can create the perfect design for your facility.

What do you get when you partner with Cougar Chemical for your equipment wash pad construction project?

First, we will help you identify the best materials and available options in the industry to fit your budget, facility and cleaning process. Depending on how much traffic you anticipate on your wash pad and the nature of your unique cleaning needs, we can make expert recommendations for the best material. We’re happy to work within any financial or material limits you may have.

Additionally, our experts will offer you extremely valuable information about the best design for your specific application and staying compliant with municipalities in your area. We make sure your investment meets your big picture goal!


The wash pad construction services we offer include:

Wash Pad & Equipment Design & Consulting
In Ground Concrete Wash Pad Construction
Structural Above Ground Wash Pads
Water Treatment & Filtration Design & Installation

No matter what your needs may entail, place your equipment wash pad construction project in capable hands with Cougar Chemical. To get started on the design and installation process, fill out our submission form or call 1-800-467-3270.



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