OPT...The Future of Car Care

Cougar Chemical takes pride in bringing our customer's the best products in the industry. When OPT contacted us about becoming the local distributor for their product in both Memphis and Nashville we were skeptical at first. Optimum Polymer Technologies made big claims on what their product could do and how effective it was. The majority of us have been in the detailing industry long enough to think, "Yah right!! There's no way your product works as good as you say it does." That's when OPT said, "We'll prove it!! Come to our distribution center and we'll show you." After we saw the effectiveness of their product and the technology that they have put into their chemicals we were amazed. Pretty much the entire Cougar Chemical staff has added OPT to their personal detailing collections. "OPT makes washing your car fun again!! It is truly a product of the future and will set a new standard for automotive detailing products." Here at Cougar Chemical we are specifically impressed with the rinse free car wash soap that OPT offers called -Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine/Wax- and OPT's paint correction products due to their effectiveness, chemical technology, and ease of use. Adding OPT to your detailing arsenal or garage shelf is a sure way to improve your detailing experience.


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