Optimum Hyper Polish

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OPT Hyper Polish is a uniquely designed liquid polish that can be sprayed directly onto your polish pad and the surface you are polishing. Because Hyper Polish is a liquid formula, it doesn't create polishing dust and residue that continually needs to be wiped away. This makes it extremely easy to see the area being polished and saves time while applying. Just a few sprays into your polish pad and on the surface and your ready to polish. Any residue left behind from OPT Hyper Polish is easily wiped off with a damp microfiber. No need to wash the vehicle when your are done polishing. You can go straight to your finishing wax or sealant! OPT Hyper Polish shares the same attributes as their other paint correction products. It doesn't break down while you work with it. This allows just one quart of OPT Hyper Polish to go as far as one gallon of other polishing products. It also saves you time while applying because you will not have to continually add product to your pad.

To use OPT Hyper Polish:

For quick and professional applications, combine Hyper Polish with a rotary polisher at a speed setting of 1200-1600 rpm.
For safe user friendly application, combine Hyper Polish with an orbital polisher at a speed setting of 5.

Spray 2-3 sprays of Hyper Polish into pad to load it with product.
Spray 2-3 sprays of Hyper Polish on surface being corrected.
Use light to medium pressure on buffer until desired results are achieved.
Wipe of any residue left with a damp microfiber towel.



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