Optimum G-P-S

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OPT GPS is a product that does three jobs in one! It's liquid formula is easily sprayed into your pad and onto the surface needing correction making a quick and time saving product. The liquid formula doesn't create dusting like other products making it very easy to see the finish as you work the product in and also saving you time from cleaning away dust residues. Like other OPT paint correction products, GPS does not brake down while being used giving it an extremely long working time and also saving you time from having to continually reload product. One quart of this product will go as far as a gallon of a similar paste glaze or polish. Optimum GPS uses micro abrasives to eliminate (not hide) minor imperfections. It also provides swirl correction and seals the paint all at once.

To use OPT G-P-S:

Hand Application :

Spray on by hand and wipe in with a dampened applicator. After hazing occurs wipe off with a microfiber towel.

Machine Application:

For quick professional application, combine GPS with a black waffle foam pad and rotary buffer set to 1000-1400 rpm.
For an easy user friendly application, combine GPS with a black waffle foam pad and an orbital polisher set to speed setting 3-4.

Work the product in with light / medium pressure until it disappears. Reload as necessary. Once finished wipe any residue away with a damp microfiber towel.



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