Optimum Hyper Compound

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OPT's Hyper Compound is an advanced sprayable compound that can remove up to 1000 grit scratches. Hyper Compound's unique design is formulated to not brake down while being used allowing the user to quickly compound without having to continually re-load product. Because Hyper Compound is a spray liquid formula, it doesn't create heavy dusting or need to be constantly wiped off while being used for paint correction. A few sprays in the cutting pad and on the surface allows the user to quickly and easily correct paint imperfections. This saves the user time and also make the paint correction much easier to see while working the product. Any residue left from Hyper Compound can easily be removed with a damp microfiber towel. Because Hyper Compound doesn't require fillers and doesn't brake down, one quart of product is comparable to one gallon of any other compound on the market.

To use Hyper Compound to remove paint imperfections up to 1000 grit scratches:

Combine Hyper Compound with a wool cutting pad. Use a rotary buffer and set the speed to 1200-1400 rpm for quick paint correction.
For slower but safer paint correction, use Hyper Compound with a wool cutting pad and an orbital buffer set to speed 3 or 4.

To remove swirls left after using Hyper Compound to remove deep imperfections. Follow up with Step 2, OPT Hyper Polish.



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