Box Truck with Dual Diesel Pressure Washers

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Box Truck with Dual Diesel Pressure Washers

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This big truck was built to get big things done fast.  We mounted two Landa PDHW pressure washers.  These diesel powered industrial machines are built to perform on all day jobs.  The large box truck gives ample room for storage but can still maneuver into tight job sites.  This rig was designed to run off a water source but the 100 gallon buffer tank helps to ensure the pressure washers don't starve for water.  There is a low water shutoff that will kill the machines if they start to run dry.  The roof vents are weather sealed and will shut the burners off in case the operator forgets to open the vent.  The electric rewind hose reels have 500 feet of capacity, allowing the operators a large working area.  The pressure washers are mounted on slides for ease of maintenance.  This was a custom built system with an abundance of options.  Truck and box sold separately Pricing as shown ≈$50k



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