Truck Mounted Pressure Washing System

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Truck Mounted Pressure Washing System

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Cougar builds customized truck body pressure washing systems.  This wash rig can be built to tackle any kind of business needs.  Perfect for washing over the road trucks, parking lots, agriculture, construction equipment, contract cleaning or doing building maintenance.  These systems are designed to be functional and professional looking. 

We work with our clients to design the perfect layout for your needs.  Our systems are built around the only pressure washer built to last, Landa.  We offer both hot and cold water options with the ability to run 1 or 2 guns.  We offer extended capacity hose reels that will allow the operator to work without having to move the truck.  Our fresh water tank has filters to keep the pressure washer running.  We plumb our pressure washers to use the tank as a coolant to keep the pumps running longer.  We can add storage boxes for convenience and versatility.  We can even add the ability to fill your tank from a hydrant for fast filling.  Let Cougar work with you to build the perfect system.  Truck and bed sold separately.  
This was a custom build with ample options.  Price as shown ≈$17k



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