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“Get High Quality Pressure Washers, Cleaning Supplies and Detailing Equipment in Nashville/Memphis from Cougar Chemical”

 Cougar Chemical always guarantees top quality cleaning supplies, detailing equipment and pressure washers in Nashville/Memphis. They provide an extensive range of pressure washers, which includes electric, air, hydraulic, diesel, gas, and hot and cold water pressure washers. We have lots of variety in our pressure washers, and you can choose high quality pressure washer equipment that is designed for industrial and commercial users, automotive contractors, and homeowners.

We have been in the pressure-washing business for a long time, and are your one-stop online store with all the cleaning supplies, detailing equipment, and pressure washing tips and advice you need. We will also help you find the right pressure washing model, so that you can take complete advantage of pressure washing at affordable rates.

“Delivering Durable and Reliable Pressure Washing and Cleaning Equipment”

At Cougar Chemical, we are known for our prompt and friendly service, while have competitive pricing that allows us to deliver high quality services at affordable rates. We have all the best tools, equipment, and expertise to deliver outstanding pressure washing services at all times. Our skilled and certified technicians have decades of experience in working with and handling pressure washing equipment and will guide you about the best pressure washers.

We understand the importance of doing business with a company that offers you high quality pressure washing products at affordable rates. At the same time you want value for money and good customer service, and we can provide you with everything that you need for your pressure washing.

“We Only Deal in the Best and Latest Pressure Washers”

One of the main reasons why you should consider shopping for pressure washers from Cougar Chemical is because we only deal with the best and latest pressure washers in the industry. We have been supplying pressure washers, and cleaning equipment for decades, and are one of the oldest distributors in Nashville and Memphis. Our team comprises of skilled, experienced, and licensed service technicians, who will guide you properly on the right pressure washer and cleaning equipment for you.

When you choose Cougar Chemical, we offer you with outstanding customer service, because we care about providing our customers with the very best. We’re not just selling you pressure washing equipment, but will also provide you with peace of mind as we service all the equipment as well. The best thing is that we also sell pressure washer parts, and we can repair or service your pressure washer systems from every major manufacturer.

Our certified technicians guarantee a fast response, and can also come on-site to repair or install pressure washers or other cleaning equipment. Feel free to go through our entire list of pressure washer systems, which are offered at competitive pricing. We guarantee that you’ll not experience any problems with the pressure washers we are offering, and even if you do, we will provide you with free service and repairs because we care about you.



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