Cougar Exterior Car Care Kit

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All of Cougar's best in one package!  Clean your car's exterior with the our best auto detailing supplies.  Our new formulation of Cougar Green Sheen works fantastically in the Cougar Foam Canon.  The sheeting action reduces spotting.  Lubrication reduces the chances for swirls while detergents work to lift soils.  Brake R is our best selling high performance tire and wheel cleaner.  After the wash, add amazing shine and protection with the Cougar Ceramic Detail Spray.  No ride will look clean with out Cougar's world famous High Gloss Tire Shine.  We top off the kit with the accessories to make it all work, A Cougar Wash Mitt, Chamois, 3 microfiber towels and a tire dressing applicator.  Everything is packed and shipped in a wash bucket.



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