Cougar Detail 100 Pressure Washing Skid

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This is the perfect unit to start your own auto detailing or building maintenance business.  The detail 100 is the versatile powerhouse. The compact size allows the unit to slide into the back of vans, compact trucks, small trailers or it can be left on the job site. The smaller footprint does not compromise on quality or power. We equip all of our skids with only top of the line pressure washers from Landa. The compact hose reel is ready to go with 50 feet of high pressure hose. The skid unit does not require a dedicated vehicle to go to work. At the end of the day, you can drain the tank and drop off the entire unit, allowing you to use your vehicle.

We can equip your skid with these popular Landa Pressure Washers:
HD3.0/27G,   3GPM @ 2700psi Direct Drive with Pull Start.
HD4.0/40G,   4GPM @ 4000psi Direct Drive with Pull Start.
HD4.0/40Ge, 4GPM @ 4000psi Direct Drive with Electric Start.
HD3.0/27GB, 3GPM @ 2700psi Belt Drive with Pull Start.

Your skid can be equiped with either the 100ft Economy Hose reel or the Heavy Duty 100ft Landa Hose Reel.  

Since we build these skids to order, the options are nearly endless.  If you need something different, give us a call and we will get it built!

 $121.51 Payment for 24 months.  Down payment dependent on credit.  Taxes and options not included.  Quoted price is for Landa HD3.0/2700 pressure washer.  Subject to credit approval.



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