Odor Terminator - New Car Leather

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Pro Aerosol Odor Terminator works tow ways to eliminate all types of malodors. As a total release aerosol bomb and as a hand held aerosol to be sprayed as needed. Eliminates odors caused by fire, smoke vomit, urine, feces, skunks, fish, pets, cooking, mildew, decay, garbage, sewer etc. Odor Terminator is not a mask, it destroys odor at the molecular level. It's patented active ingredient permanently neutralizes and destroys recurring unpleasant odors, while leaving a clean fresh fragrance. For use in autos, RV's airplanes, homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, police stations, nursing homes, pet stores , farms, kennels, garbage areas, bathrooms, locker rooms, movie theaters and any place in need of instant odor elimination. One can treats 6,000 feet.



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