Fantastic Plastic Polish P-58

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Fantastic Plastic Polish is an all purpose liquid plastic polish formulated to clean, shine and protect smooth plastics and clear plastics. Removes yellow film, cloudy streaks, hairline scratches haziness and halos from the most sensitive plastics. Fantastic Plastic Polish protects new and old plastic surfaces against further deterioration from harsh elements such as sun, smog, rain, snow, road debris, grime, salt chemicals and airborne contaminants. This provides a static-free coating that repels water and dust. Safe and effective on both acrylic (Plexiglas, Lucite) and poly carbonate (Lexan) surfaces. Also, great on non- plastic surfaces such as Corian, painted enamel, Formica, linoleum, marble and porcelain. Think motorcycle windscreens, convertible top soft windows, headlight lenses and Jeep windows.



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