Automotive Exterior Products

Automotive Exterior Products

If you're passionate about keeping your car in pristine condition, look no further than Cougar Chemical's automotive exterior products. With various options to choose from, such as car wash soap, tire shine, and paint sealant, you can maintain your vehicle's appearance and protect it from the harsh elements.

Cougar Chemical only supplies high-quality automotive cleaning products. The paint sealant will protect against UV rays and various environmental factors, while the car wash soap will eliminate dirt and grime without affecting the paint job.

Check out Cougar Chemical's selection of automotive exterior products today and give your car the attention it deserves.

Cougar Chemical manufacturers or distributes the finest automotive exterior products. Our car wash shampoos must pass stringent characteristics to make our offerings. Shampoos must have high lubricity to reduce swirls and scratches. They must have effective detergents to lift stains. They must have a neutral Ph to eliminate damage to the paint or the users. We require that all shampoos retain foam with plenty of time to complete a full car wash. Cougar’s High Gloss Tire shine is our best selling product and it’s what made us famous. It’s long lasting, low sling and brilliant shine cannot be beat anywhere but we have options! If you prefer a lower gloss, check out Cougar Blue. Check out our full line of Shampoos, detergents, dressings and specialty cleaners with Cougar Automotive Exterior Products.


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