WaterMaze REC-ZCF1 Filtration System

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WaterMaze REC-ZCF1 Filtration System

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The REC-ZCF1 is a slimmed down version of the popular REC-ZCF3-30A filtration unit with only one filter housing. Perfect for systems needing intermittent use at less than 10 gpm.  The REC-ZCF1 is a major advance in filtration performance. Delivering superior recycled water quality with fully automatic operation, the plug-and-play unit is pre-piped and wired, ready for connection to tanks and wash process. Flexible programming and self-cleaning backwash cycles enables large volumes of waste water to recycle while generating a minimum amount of waste volume. Using robust, industry-standard
components built into a highly functional structural steel frame with a stainless steel base. As a powerful and flexible pumping and filtration system that can serve as the hub of a wide range of treatment system processes.




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