Watermaze 1.103-401.0 Above-ground Separator 120 Volt 10 AMP ALPHA-1500D

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The genius of the Alpha is the proprietary "maze" design of up to 1000 sq. ft. of inclined coalescing plates which draw oils from wash water. The plates are strapped together in packs and are easily lifted out for cleaning.

  • Up to 250-gallon stainless steel tank and aluminum lid for rust-free operation;
  • Ultra-violet ozone generator uses special mixing procedure to ensure up to 99% contact of bacteria-killing ozone in wash water;
  • Stainless steel baffles direct water flow for optimum treatment;
  • Automatic oil removal and disposal.
  • Specially designed sheen filter polishes the water before discharge;
  • Water-resistant control box for automatic operation of pumps.



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