Veloci MTM Mezzo Valve & Foam Cannon Kit W. FREE Wash & Wax

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Everything you need for foam application.  Includes:

  • Veloci MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannon
  • Veloci MTM Mezzo Valve - Toro Edition
  • ST-1500 Trigger Gun
  • 64 Oz Cougar Wash & Wax -FREE-

MTM Hydro's Italian Manufactured PF22.2 Foam Cannon is the new standard in the foaming industry and stands alone as the most reliable foam Cannon in the industry. With its new standing bottle you no longer have to worry about spills and tipping over. Whether you are foaming down your car on the weekend or you are a professional contract cleaner foaming hog barn for hours, this tool will save you time and money.  Simply attach the foam cannon to your pressure washer using one of the included fittings, fill with your desired ratio of chemical in the calibrated standing bottle and you are up and running.

The MTM Mezzo Valve Toro Edition is the newest addition to our evolving line of pressure washing solutions. The Mezzo valve provides a two-way shuttle valve system in a sleek light weight style. It is full shut-off when engaged on one side or the other which offers full pressure on the left or right side. This cleaning method is perfect for a consolidated two stage wash system that is popular in fleet washing where an acidic and caustic solution are both used through a foam cannon. Derived from the Italian word for 'Middle,' this valve serves as an intermediary two way system, replacing the need for a three-way ball valve and allows the user to keep their foam cannon and nozzle in one place.

 Max temperature rating at 176°

  • Max 3700PSI
  • Max 8 GPM




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