Universal Clarifier with Tank in Tank Option

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Universal Clarifier with Tank in Tank Option

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The Tank-in-Tank configuration adds a small mixing chamber inside the body of the clarifier. This configuration is used exclusively for solids removal when chemicals have been added upstream of the clarifier and need to be gently mixed to fully react. By the time the water flows out the bottom of the smaller tank, the chemicals have flocculated to solids into larger clumps which will settle quickly to the bottom of the clarifier and allow the treated water to flow out the top.

These clarifiers will be equipped with a mounting shield where components are mounted, a CoAg mixing chamber in the tank and the integrated Compact CoAg Module. 

Integrated Compact CoAg Integrates the same chemical coagulation / flocculation technology as stand-alone Compact CoAg module INCLUDES: Enhanced External Mixing Manifold, Chemical Feed Pumps, and Control Panel Housed in a NEMA Box.

The MetalR+ Chemical Injection System option is Utilized when applying MetalR+ chemical for removal of metals.  INCLUDES: Chemical Feed Pump; Injector, and Feed
Port in the above Piping Manifold.

The optional pH Control System Controls pH of the water with a peristaltic pump. Includes: Controller with Inline Manifold, pH Probe and Injector, Peristaltic Chemical
Feed Pump with Flow Switch. Utility Requirements: 120 volt @ 3 amp.




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