Turbo Nozzle ST-457

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Turbo Nozzle ST-457

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Break out the turbo nozzle for the really tough jobs.  These spinner tips take a 0° stream and spin it into a cone shaped pattern to cover more area with less effort.  They are built from forged brass with a precision Ceramic Orifice and a rubber protective cover.  Rated for up to 190° F and 5800psi.  This larger nozzle is designed for larger, higher output pressure washers.  It measures 4 3/8" long and weighs 24 ounces 1/4 FPT inlet.  Recommend using a Turbo Nozzle Filter for longer nozzle life.

Landa Stock # for 4.5 Orifice 8.711-075.0

Landa Stock # for 5.5 Orifice 8.711-077.0

Landa Stock # for 8.0 Orifice 8.711-080.0



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