The Original X-JET

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The Original X-JET is the ultimate pressure washing accessory for pre-spraying, washing and rinsing tough to reach areas with your pressure washer! Simply quick connect the Original X-JET to your pressure washing wand and go to work. The Original X-JET comes with a 15ft chemical hose allowing you to easily work in large areas. The two way valve on the hose allows you to go from chemical spraying to water rinsing without having to switch nozzles or remove the chemical line from your solution bucket. The X-JET comes with proportioning nozzles and a chart allowing you to have precise chemical dilution. The X-JET original is great for pressure washing gutters, roofs, awnings, building exteriors and any hard to reach area without requiring ladders or heavy extension tools. Chemical can be applied accurately with X-JET keeping chemicals from reaching unwanted areas.



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