Thats A Wrap

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Cougar Chemical developed That's a Wrap vehicle wrap cleaner wax to be a fast performing cleaner and protectant for your vehicle or trailers custom vinyl wrap. That's a Wrap quickly cleans and removes soils and road grime and leaves behind a beautiful clean wrap with a protected shine. That's a Wrap can be used by hand or with a machine and is easy wipe on an off.


Hand Use:

Pre-clean vehicle wrapped surface of large dirt and grime.
Add small amount of That's a Wrap to a clean microfiber towel.
Work into 2'x2' area of wrap gently scrubbing away soils and contaminants.
Remove with a separate clean microfiber.
Repeat until entire vinyl wrap is cleaned.

Machine Use:

Pre-clean vinyl wrap of large dirt debris and grime.
Place small 4 pea sized drops of That's a Wrap on polish pad.
Run machine over 4'x4' area of vinyl wrap working in product.
Wipe off with a clean microfiber.
Repeat until entire wrap is cleaned.



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