Pro Wheelie Clean C-42

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Powerful non-acid wheel cleaner safely removes brake dust, grease, dirt and oil from all types of OEM wheels (including aluminum and magnesium) without scrubbing.  Simply spray on and rinse off.  The highly concentraeted (up to 10:1) formula effectively cleans wheels and tires at the same time.  Great for manual dilution or automatic dilution/proportioner systems.  

How to Use

Shake well before using.  Do not apply to a hot surface or let dry on surface.  If wheels are hot, cool wheels with cold water rinse before appplying product.  Diluted at indicated.  May be diluted up to 10:1 with water.  

Normal Cleaning:  Dilute up to 10:1 with water.

Heavy Duty Cleaning:  Dilute up to 4:1 with water.  Clean one wheel at a time.  Apply using a trigger sprayer or tank sprayer.  Spray on surface and let sit for 30-60 seconds.  Light agitation wiht a brush may be necessary on excessively dirty wheels.  Rinse clean wiht high pressure water.  Leaves a clean and bright finish.  Wipe dry with clean towel or blow dry wiht air hose.



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