Odor Free Villa 1000 Ozone Generator

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Odor Free Villa 1000...Quickly Eliminate the Worst Odors

Ozone is one of the easiest and most effective tools at completely destroying and eliminating odors at the source and sometimes bigger is better. The Odor Free Villa 1000 is designed to be used in medium to large spaces such as vehicle interiors, hotel suites, apartments, restaurants, bars or houses. The Villa 1000 features a hold button that allows it to be used for longer treatment periods which can help in removing deeply entrenched odors.  This model has a variable output control that will produce from 150 up to 1800 mg per hour of ozone. It has a 12 hour timer that will turn the unit off automatically when the sanitizing is completed.

The Odor Free Villa 1000 uses the same technology as nature does to eliminate odors and pollutant molecules by creating O3 (3 oxygen molecules or ozone). The ozone attaches itself to odors and quickly neutralizes them eliminating the irritating smell altogether. Simply close off the area needing to be treated, plug in the machine, and let the ozone do the work. It's that easy.

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