Mytee Speedster 1001DX-200 w. Heat

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The Mytee 1001DX-200 Speedster is Mytee's entry level carpet cleaning machine. This machine is great for facilities that have limited carpet cleaning needs and carpet cleaning professional's who use a truck mounted system and require a portable unit for the occasional hard to reach job. The Mytee 1001DX is also a great machine for detail shops and detailers that want a step up in heating power and pressure from Mytee's automotive lineup. The 1001DX offers rotating front casters making the unit easy to maneuver to the cleaning site. The casters lock keeping the machine from moving while the operator cleans. The 1001DX features a 2000 watt heater that can reach temperatures of up to 210 degrees, a 220 psi water pump, and a single 3 stage vacuum motor offering 100 cfm. Combined all three make light work of cleaning dirty carpets and upholstery. Mytee doesn't incorporate a solution wand and vacuum hose with this unit so that the machine can be outfitted with the proper combination while not rising the end user's cost for unneeded equipment.



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