Mytee HP120

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The HP120 Grand Prix automotive detail extractor is finally here! Mytee has completely revamped the design of their now famous HP100 hot water carpet extractor developed specifically for the automotive detailing industry. It became the bestselling and most innovative automotive detail extractor in the world. Mytee’s HP100 Grand Prix automotive detail extractor was the first heated extractor to feature a single power cord. Doesn’t sound like much? Lets go back in time. Before the Grand Prix using a pump, vacuum and heater required two power cords. This made it hard to find an appropriate power source. But with the engineering ingenuity at Mytee, this trailblazer changed all that. Carrying on the legacy of the HP100, Mytee's all new HP120 is here to stay giving you all the new features and benefits you've come to enjoy from Mytee's line of mobile electric carpet cleaning machines. The HP120 comes standard with a stainless steel upholstery wand, 15ft. solution/vac hose combo with inline solution for easy moving and storage and a 10 gallon capacity giving you plenty of solution to clean car after car.



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