PTP Mighty Suds Berry Quart

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Mighty Suds...Super Sudsing Car Shampoo

Cougar Chemical's Mighty Suds is our time tested, super concentrated, shampoo and conditioning car wash formula. Mighty Suds is specifically designed to be a high foaming car wash shampoo. It's super thick suds help lift dirt and road grime safely off your vehicle's surface and carry them away while washing your car. Detail shops, dealership car wash bays, professionals, and consumers all over the mid south have been using mighty suds for years to achieve their ultimate finish for both themselves and their customers. Mighty Suds just made sense for our PTP product line. As the saying goes, "If it's not broke, don't fix it." Unique only to the PTP line, Mighty Suds Berry features a delicious berry fragrance making your washing experience all the more enjoyable. Mighty Suds works exceptionally well when combined with a foam cannon. Car wash like, super thick foam is easily achievable with this combination and not only makes for a great way to remove contaminants, but also makes application and washing easier and quicker. Mighty Suds is both a great maintenance car wash soap and also a great soap for pre-clay, compound, or polish. Next time you wash your car, use Mighty Suds to help you achieve your ultimate finish!
Directions for Use:
Dilute 1 ounce of Mighty Suds Berry per gallon of water.
- Add 5 ounces of Mighty Suds in your 5 gallon wash bucket.
- Add 5 gallons of water in wash bucket.
- Soak a sponge or microfiber wash mitt with Mighty Suds car wash shampoo.
- Gently wash away soils and contaminants on vehicle’s finish.

- Rinse sponge or microfiber wash mitt and repeat.

Note: Never wash your vehicle without a grit guard in your bucket. To make sure you keep your paint extra safe from any scratches the two bucket method is commonly practiced.



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