Metro Vac Vac N Blo Classic

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Vac N Blow is the perfect size, small enough to handle with ease yet large enough to collect all the dirt in your vehicle. One side of the body vacuums while the other side is a powerful blower. Use the blower to clean out the vents and under the seats then vacuum up the rest. Don't be surprised if this out cleans your main vacuum. The blower can also be used to inflate air mattresses, rafts of even clear leaves from the driveway. A large collection of attachments are included so the right tool is always available. It features a 6 foot flexible hose, plus two 20" extensions so you can reach the farthest corners of even full size dedans and SUV's. The accessories include a carpet and Floor Too, Pik All Nozzle, Crevice too, Dusting Brush, Blower Nozzle, Inflator Adaptor, a 4 piece micro cleaning tool kit and a 4 wheel dolly.



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