Maxshine Large Detail Brushes

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The Red and Grey Ultra soft brush provides a soft touch.  Ideal for the most delicate surfaces without leaving scratches.  The ultra- soft synthetic bristles have a fast bend recovery.  The non-slip handle has a soft grip. They are constructed with Anti-static materials.

The Orange and Black boar hair brushes, made of natural boar hair, are perfect for car detailing. Go natural with your auto detailing with the Boar Hair detailing brushes. Get a deep and gentle clean with the durable yet soft premium boar hair bristles. Optimize your time and detail quickly and comfortably with these ergonomically designed brushes.  The high density of bristles allows optimum cleaning on interior and exterior surfaces.

The Red and Black detailing brush is used for interior and exterior jobs.  The PET bristles can tackle any detailing job you come across.  Perfect for both interior and exterior auto detailing.  Works well dry or wet with your favorite cleaning solution.

The Black detailing brushes, made of 100% natural blond boar hair, are a premium class, removing hard stains and grime on intricate shapes and narrow openings of the car interior or exterior.  100% natural boar hair – stiff bristles, fast bend recovery.  A perfect brush for detailing scratch-sensitive surfaces.  Detailing for intricate shapes such as emblems, dashboards, and air vents

The Yellow and Black superior detailing brush has premium PET bristles, offering a resilient scrub while being gentle on all surfaces and limiting stress on your hands.  Chemical, Humidity, and Pressure Resistive Bristles.



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