Landa Toughness Advanced Formula

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Landa Toughness Advanced Formula

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A highly-concentrated detergent that tackles built-up oil and grease, while gentle enough for the fine finishes found on cars and in general cleaning. An ideal general-purpose cleaner for stainless steel, aluminum, glass, concrete, plastic, and painted surfaces.  Acts as an effective pre-soak or pre-spray in more challenging applications.

6 Pail Super Concentrate Kit (makes 6, 5 gal pails) 8.931-967.0

Drum Super Concentrate Kit (makes 1, 55 gal drum) 8.931-968.0

9 Pak Super Concentrate Kit (makes 495 gals) 8.931-969.0

2 x 2.5 gal 8.759-267.0

5 gal 8.759-268.0

55 gal 8.759-269.0

275 gal (made-to-order) 8.759-270.0



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