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The PGDC has all the ruggedness of LANDA’s famous line
of skid-mounted hot water pressure washers but features a
12VDC burner system instead of a generator. As with the
other LANDA skid-mounted washers, the PGDC is packed with:

QUALITY: The PGDC is powered by reliable Honda or Vanguard
engines, all with electric start. It also has a top-of-the-line, oil-bath,
tri-plunger LANDA pump with 7-year warranty, a Schedule 80
heating coil made of 1/2-inch cold-rolled pipe covered by a stainless
steel top wrap, and an extra-rugged steel frame protected by an
epoxy powder coat finish. Moreover, the PGDC is assembled in a
LANDA factory certified to the internationally recognized
ISO-9001:2000 standards for quality manufacturing.

SELF-CONTAINED: The PGDC needs no electricity. Simply provide
water and it’s ready to clean almost anywhere outdoors. The 5-gallon
gasoline and 10-gallon diesel tanks allow for hours of continuous
cleaning. The PGDC can be easily fitted with an optional wheel kit to
make it even more portable for on-site cleaning.

SAFETY: As with all LANDA pressure washers, the PGDC comes
certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards, including: 24-inch hose
guard for burst protection; thermal pump protector and unloader for
protection against build up of pressure or heat in pump bypass water;
high-temperature shut down to prevent super-high heat build up; and
rupture disk to vent any build up of excessive pressure in the heating coil.

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Model # Part # GPM PSI Pump RPM Pump Engine CCs Ship Wt (lbs) List Price
PGDC5-35324E 1.110-096.0 4.7 3500 1185 LT6036L.2 Kärcher LC2V80F-D 764 653 $10,940
PGDC8-30324E 1.110-098.0 8.0 3000 1460 LX9536L.2 Kärcher LC2V80F-D 764 760 $14,610
PGDC4-35324E 1.110-049.0 3.8 3500 1185 LT4540L.2 Honda GX390 389 697 $11,780
PGDC5-35224E 1.110-050.0 4.7 3500 1185 LT6036L.2 Vanguard 18 570 630 $12,860
PGDC5-35324E 1.110-051.0 4.7 3500 1185 LT6036L.2 Honda GX630 688 653 $14,280
PGDC8-30324E 1.110-072.0 8.0 3000 1460 LX9536L.2 Honda GX690 688 760 $16,900



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