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The PG is LANDA’s portable, belt-drive, cold water pressure washer line offering five models with cleaning power of up to 4000 PSI.

QUALITY: Only the highest quality components are used on the PG, including the tri-plunger LANDA high-pressure pump with 7-year warranty, Honda or Vanguard engine, durable steel frame with welded seams, and point-and-shoot wand for cleaning effectiveness. In addition to being certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards, the PG has a totally enclosed, OSHA-compliant belt guard, a 24-inch hose guard for burst protection and tri-lingual operating instructions for owner liability assurance.

CONVENIENCE: A number of features make the PG especially popular with users who need a powerful, outdoor pressure washer that cleans fast. For instance, there are chrome-plated handles on both front and back for easy vehicle loading. Two leak-free, tubed pneumatic tires make for easy maneuvering in any terrain and two shock-absorbing spring-loaded rubber feet keep the PG from “walking” while in operation. And the E-Z start valve allows for resistance-free pull starting of the engine.

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Model # Part # GPM PSI Pump RPM Pump Engine CCs Ship Wt (lbs) List Price
PG4-20324 1.107-010.0 4.2 2000 1300 LT4540R.2 Honda GX270 270 230 $3,760
PG4-35324 1.107-011.0 3.7 3500 1185 LT4540R.2 Honda GX390 389 250 $4,960
PG4-35324 1.107-432.0 3.7 3500 1185 LT4540R.2 Vanguard 14 479 250 $4,960
PG5-35224E 1.107-013.0 4.7 3500 1185 LT6036R.2 Vanguard 16 479 275 $6,815
PG4-40324E 1.107-012.0 4.0 4000 1190 LT4540R.2 Honda GX630 688 275 $7,465
PG4-40324EK  NEW 1.107-453.0 4.0 4000 1190 LT4540R.2 Kärcher LC2V80F-D 764 286 $6,515



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