Landa Vehicle Tire and Rim Cleaner

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Landa Vehicle Tire and Rim Cleaner

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Vehicle Tire and Rim Cleaner is a fast and easy way to deep clean the black rubber, road film and brake dust soils from your tires and rims. Simply spray, wait and rinse. This product should be used to clean tire and wheels before adding tire dressing. Make tire dressings look better and last longer. Safe to use on all tires. Safe for steel and aluminum wheels, including coated wheels.

Dilution Ratio:
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Directions: INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Read the Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before using this product. Apply Vehicle Tire and Rim Cleaner foam generously to wheel and sidewall of tire. Allow 1 minute of dwell time. Rinse off forcefully, using garden hose nozzle, or pressure washer. Dry the wheel with soft towel or microfiber cloth, to avoid water spotting. Avoid use in hot direct sunlight.

  • Fast Action and Easy Rinsing
  • No Scrubbing or Wiping
  • Environmentally Friendly - Phosphate Free
Technical Data:
  • Color: Colorless, clear
  • Scent: None
  • Foam 1-5: 5 = High
  • Reaction in Hard Water 1-5: 3 = average
  • pH at Full Strength: 12.9

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