Karcher HDS 2.3HP 1.7GPM @ 1200PSI Commercial Pressure Washer

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Karcher HDS 2.3HP 1.7GPM @ 1200PSI Commercial Pressure Washer

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Karcher's HDS 1.7/12 U Ed is the most technologically advanced entry level hot water power washer on the market. The 1.7 offers a compact, rugged, and lightweight design making it easy to transport both onsite and to different locations. Karcher's pump design is the most advanced on the market offering the longevity that we've all come to love in industrial pressure pumps in a leak proof axial design. This allows for peace of mind when transporting the HDS 1.7/12. It can be stored and transported standing up or laying down and will have no effect on the water pumps performance or any oil messes from leaking. Other standard features the Karcher HDS 1.7/12 offers include swiveling spray wand making for easy cleaning and less operator fatigue, light weight super strength pressure hose, auto shut down to reduce pump wear, and a tripple nozzle making for quick and effortless nozzle selections. Looking for the most advanced entry level hot water pressure on the market to meet your facilities cleaning needs? Karcher's HDS will melt the grime away!

Innovative Upright Design:
Effortless transport over landings or stairs. Large wheels for unpaved surfaces. Compact design Space-saving storage and transport.

Spill-proof Pump and Fuel Tank for Transport Lying Down:
Ideal for small service vehicles.

Fine-mesh Water Filter:
Efficiently protects high-pressure pump against contamination. Easy to remove from outside.



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